I am here. It’s crazy to think that I will be here for 10 months.

I made it just fine through the airports and bus rides. All my luggage got here super easily too– which is a real blessing. And now I’ve spent the last 4 days in training. My brain is exhausted and I am too. Haha. But it’s been great.

Our apartment is super cute & I have two great roommates/bunkmates: Andrew & Jazz. They are a lot of fun. I’ve also spent the last 4 days making dinner for our team. We do family dinners each night and my team of Elise & Judy (two other teachers) has been great to work with.

I’m teaching the Parvulos (Pre-K) and the Kinders (Kindergarden), and already I’ve had a ton of fun playing with my kids at the orphanage. They’re hilarious and a huge ball of energy. I’m also trying to improv my spanish– haha so we’ll see how that goes.

Overall it’s been really good. It’s really hard to not be home and to be missing all my friends and family… especially over the holidays. I miss being able to just curl up in a blanket and watch TV with my roommates. But it has been really good here. So far I’ve seen cockroaches, massive mosquito hunters, and baby tarantulas… these have not been fun. *shivers* AND our toilet never works and our showers are rarely hot… plus there’s this insane rooster that crows every five minutes near my bedroom window…. haha sooooooo it’s been an adventure. But, I know i’m supposed to be here, and already I’ve developed some good friendships with these people here.

We have an awesome roof at our apartment where you can see everything and just hang out up there and relax– it’s been wonderful. Also, I’ve felt a ton of support and encouragement from my friends back home, especially Morgan, Jordan, Andy, & Crystal. I miss them all a ton and hope to be able to Skype and FaceTime as much as possible. ;]

Right now my housemates are playing guitars, sharing break-up stories, and and playing hacky-sack. It’s definitely a fun group to be with….


Here is the School!!!



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