and so I ache

This was written several years ago… but it remains honest and truthful to this day:


Fallen petals off the trees;
The dreams of missing childhoods float by on the unkind winds.
What-could-have-beens fly freely and fall down past the earthen ground to hopelessness.
And so I ache for the lost childhood.

Tossed aside and black and blue,
Young hearts broken.
What-could-have-beens turned into ugly, violent fists.
Hidden massacres among the common. Faces aching, longing for the love that should have come and rescued them.
And so I ache for the bleeding.

Manipulated by thieves and innocent no more. What-could-have-beens exchanged for temporal pleasures.
For stolen naivety brings sleepless nights and hurts so deep the stitches cannot heal them.
And so I ache for the un-grieved sorrows.

The wounds of dozens,
No, hundreds of thousands
Atrocities that should have never been.
What do you tell them?
Those whose innocence was ripped away.
Those who have suffered irreconcilable sorrows. What do you tell them?

Emptiness that cannot be filled,
Broken, hurting hearts and tearstained cheeks. Watch their eyelashes grow wet with unshed tears.
And so I ache.

The hopeless and the hurting,
They are here.
What do I tell them?
Orphaned, misunderstood, crushed by a weight that should have never been theirs.

How can my words make a difference? And so I ache.

There is nothing.

And so I love.
I love with ardent fervor and burning passion. Tightly I hold on, afraid to let them go.
Afraid to let them be blown by the unkind winds.
If only my love could make a difference.

How can anything make a difference? Victimized. Terrified.
Nothing changes.
Her pain.
His loss.
Their sorrow.

And so I love.

There must be hope.
There must.
Somewhere there must be understanding.
Comprehension is not enough to quell the shaking heart, for something precious has been lost.
And what-could-have-beens were stolen.

Somewhere there must be peace. The trapped must be freed.
My yearning love is not enough. And yet…

Buds return to trees.
Caged birds fly free.
And, children run and laugh. And so I hope.


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