summer book review #1

So, this summer I’ve got a reading list of books. My goal is one book/week– so we’ll see how that goes.

This week I read Don Miller’s Blue Like Jazz. I know, I know… I should have read it by now, but this book actually came at a really good time for me to be reading it. To start with, I really really liked it. Maybe even loved it. I feel very similar to Don Miller. I think if we met we would be friends. I just mean that the way he describes himself, and his thoughts/feelings is very similar to how I view myself and often describe things. The best part of it all was the end. He has three chapters where he talks about: worship, love, and Jesus. It got me fired up, because Miller loves people, like he really does, and he loves Jesus. At the end of the book, he talks about how his goal is for others to encounter Jesus. He talks about what it feels like to know, feel, and understand the love of God– and that was something that hit me really hard. Love isn’t conditional. Often, we as Christians treat love like we do money, or some other commodity, and we withhold it when it isn’t deserved. We love people more or less based on their actions. And that’s bullish*t. God’s love for us is unconditional. It is completely and utterly based on his capacity to give love and our capacity to receive that love. It has nothing to do with our actions, choices, and sins. He LOVES us. Really, truly does. And we ought to be loving others with the same mentality. That knowledge, realization, and feeling really broke me when I read it. To know Jesus, to love him, and feel his love with the kind of knowledge that brings tears to your eyes, is incredible.

So go read Blue Like Jazz. It’s not chronological and really is as the subtitle describes it: Non-religious thoughts on Christian Spirituality. But it’s good, and it will make you think, and it will make you want to love Jesus and others more.


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